Creative M​agic Coaching

personal growth through play

"I have worked with Donna and interacted socially with her. She is intuitive, thoughtful and capable. As an occasional subject of her research, I have experienced first hand how she applies her knowledge and talents. I recommend working with Donna if you want to unlock your potential, explore pathways for personal growth and transformation, and create a plan for a new and exciting future."

"Eyeopening and enjoyable!"

"Thank you for bringing out something I thought I lost."

"I really enjoyed Donna's class. She is a very understanding and fun person. She helped me take a closer look at myself."

"I loved Donna's approach using a photo of myself as a child to access my intuition. I had a powerful and insightful experience and thoroughly enjoyed re-connecting with my intuition through my sassy, savvy, active 8 year old self."

​"I very much appreciated the way she repeated the open ended fill in the blank questions from the beginning of the program to the end of the program. I also appreciated her capacity to adjust to a more spacious timing when that feedback was given during the call - a big bravo for changing up rhythm on the fly :-)"

​"It felt that Donna had a good grasp on the material she was presenting. I really liked using a picture of myself to make a muse and giving her some pizzazz with the art materials I had. It seemed to have more meaning that way. When something did not go quite right, she had an 'easiness' in dealing with or making it right."

"I like the way Ms. Reeh's opening fit with the short breathing exercises we did. They set the tone for the presentation. I also like her choice of subject matter in that I liked very much connecting with my child self the way I did."

"I thought the presentation was pretty good - great creative ideas. It was enjoyable and interesting. I was away from home and couldn't participate fully by working with my picture, etc. - I drew my muse instead, and it was an enjoyable time."

"I loved all the exploratory questions and got more than I originally thought. I liked the handout."

"I wasn't sure exactly what to expect and was very impressed and thoroughly enjoyed the ARTsignments Donna chose for her topic."

"I wanted to work more with the artsignment of creating around a picture of myself in childhood. I can see that I was perhaps too overtly focused on that one artsignment and not the rest of the named content in the title and description. I was wanting (and by way of thanks, will now give myself, since I recognize my own longing now!) the wisdom, intuition and guidance from my inner child self in the photo I had."

​"I had the pleasure of sitting down with Donna at a local coffee shop to discuss her work and interests. I had expected it was going to be an interesting experience... but whoa... it was truly enriching. Some people are so easy to talk to, and speak their minds/heart so effortlessly... and Donna is definitely one of those people. And holy cow- this woman is a treasure chest of insight and understanding. I'm excited to continue working with her... I have a feeling that she's on to something big."