Creative M​agic Coaching

personal growth through play

What is ARTBundance™?

ARTBundance™ was created by Marney Makridakis, author of Creating Time and Hop, Skip, Jump. She created ARTBundance™ as "an innovative approach of self-discovery through creativity, based on the 9 ARTbundance Principles (Gratitude, Intuition, Balance, Choice, Vision, Action, Attraction, Connection, Service) and the exciting utility of ARTsignments™: unique exercises that use art and creativity as a conduit for exploration and transformation."

What would we do during a session?

We would just talk for about 15-20 minutes to get comfortable and start to understand your specific needs. From there, I would select an ARTsignment™ for you to do, based on your goals. After completing the exercise, we would then discuss any insights discovered through the ARTsignment™ and come up with a plan for your next steps. Occasionally, I may assign you an additional exercise to complete at a later time. If necessary, we may schedule a follow-up appointment to check on your progress and answer any additional questions which arise. 

 Do we meet in person or on the phone?

This process works well via telephone, Skype or Google Hangouts, so it's your decision how a session would best fit with your schedule. We can also connect via RealifePortal. To learn more about this, check out

What if I can't draw?

This work is not about artistic ability. It's about tapping into your natural creativity to help you work through issues or make big decisions. Sometimes words don't get to the heart of your deepest wishes as well as creativity does. It's not about the product—it's about the process. Plus, not all ARTsignments™ involve drawing in particular. 

This is something my friends and I would like to do together. Can you work with groups?

Absolutely! In fact, sometimes this works better, since you can encourage and support each other through the process. This can help you dig deeper than you might in a solo session. It depends on your comfort level and the sensitivity of the particular work you want to do.