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Natalie Rogers, the late founder of Person-Centered Art Therapy, once said, "Art is a language....The intent [of expressive art] is to peel away the layers of defense and find our true nature. Art allows us to go into our pain, rage, and grief. Using art sometimes is much more effective than words to deal with some of these very difficult emotions."

An ARTbundance™ Coach and Practitioner is a unique hybrid of inspiring coach, creativity teacher, workshop leader, and spiritual guide.  This unique training allows me to assist clients in accessing and using their creativity in powerful ways to catalyze greater awareness, joy, prosperity, and meaning in life. 

At the heart of my practice is the use of ARTsignments™, which are unique creative tools that access your imagination and intuition, allowing you to make powerful life changes, quickly and joyfully!  Through ARTsignments™, you'll create inspiring art and writing projects as you engage all levels of your mind, imagination and body.  This allows concepts to sink in on deep, visceral levels, bringing forth new layers of understanding and transformation.

As an ARTbundance™ Coach, my coaching method is anchored in the following cornerstones:

·          The heart of the ARTbundance™ philosophy is deeply rooted in art and spirituality. 
·         Spirituality is multi-faceted, and everyone inhabits their own unique creativity.
·         ARTsignments™ allow people to move beyond their minds to engage their imaginations and bodies, allowing concepts to sink in deeply and powerfully.
·         The 9 ARTbundance™ Principles are powerful guides for self-awareness, which provide a framework for the coaching process.
·         An emphasis on tools instead of rules puts the focus on the client's discovery via creative tools, rather than predictable "advice" or  constricting "rules".
·         The coaching relationship is nurtured by the development and refinement of mutual intuition from both parties.
·         Prosperity and abundance of ALL kinds are emphasized and celebrated.

In a coaching session, I use the 9 ARTbundance™ Principles to guide our work together, isolating the Principle that your soul most needs in order to best align with prosperity and abundance. Once a Principle is isolated, we then use art, writing, and other creative tools to play, explore, and expand our work with the Principle.  I've found the results of this process to be quick, inspiring, and remarkably effective.

 I completed Artella's ARTbundance™ Certification Training Prorgram in 2013. My training consisted of in-depth, soul-stirring study of the ARTbundance™ Principles and ARTsignments™, as well as training and experience with integrating ARTbundance™ into live presentations, and working 1-on-1 with clients to apply the ARTbundance™ Principles to help them reach greater self-awareness and follow their heart's true desires.